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5. The use of HTML tags is prohibited.

6. The user is fully responsible for the information that he published.

7. It is prohibited to publish the advertisements about gainings on the Internet.

8. It is prohibited to publish the advertisements on the monetization of plastic cards.

9. It is prohibited to publish contact information in the field "Additional Information"

10. It is forbidden to use obscene words in texts.

11. Spam-texts are not allowed to be published, that is the same text on the different sites. All the advertisements are verified by the moderators for the uniqueness of the text on the Internet, if there is a correspondence of 90% of the text, such an announcement will be deleted.

12. The telephone number is indicated in format 00 (country code) (operator code) (telephone number), without +, dashes, points and spaces.


For the violation of present rules - the permanent ban!


The administration is not responsible for the content of the published variants as well as for the actions of the users. He does not participate in legal relationships between persons who have entered into or may enter into a certain employment agreement using this site.


The administration reserves the right to block access to the site to any user and to block the publication of its variants without explanation.


The administration reserves the right to correct errors in published advertisements and move them to an appropriate rubric.


The use of this site indicates the unconditional acceptance of the terms of present Rules.

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